Friday, July 10, 2015

One for everyone

The automobile is considered a weapon of death and destruction if it is not used properly. Everyone who wants to can get a drivers license. And everyone with a drivers license can drive a car.  One for everyone.

People driving their cars are careful not to hurt themselves or anyone driving near them. And then there is road rage and drunk driving. Some people are easily irritated by they way other people drive. So they beep their horn, cut them off and even shoot them. Others drink alcohol and get in the car without thinking of the harm they can cause. One for everyone.

The Gun lobby would like to have the same process available for guns. One for everyone.
The idea is if everyone carries a gun, just like everyone being able to drive a car, those who are prone to cause harm will hesitate to do so because they may be shot in the process. One for everyone.

We see this is not the case with automobiles. The aggressor or drunk person acts and the recipient of their action is injured or killed. The recipient of the road rage or drunk driving does not retaliate with their car to protect themselves or cause harm in return. Generally, the recipient is in shock or too injured from the attack to take any action. One for everyone.

If people get bent out of shape because a person is not driving in a way the makes them happy. Or they drive a car while intoxicated, what is to stop that same person from shooting someone who is not doing something they like?

I was in the supermarket waiting to speak with the customer service person. A man came in to get a money gram redeemed. The customer service person could not retrieve the money because the sender did not send it properly. The man became angry and was cursing at the customer service person. His body language and energy was highly charged. If he had a gun he would have used it regardless of whether I had a gun or not. He would have made sure he shot first and shot us all quicker than we could shoot him. Could you imagine living in such a way? It reminds me of the western TV shows and movies I watched as a child.

One for everyone does not work. People who cannot control their emotions, drive while intoxicated or who have mental imbalance will continue on their path of causing harm because that is the only way they know how to cope with what they are feeling and experiencing in the moment.

I would like to see more training in emotional intelligence, mindfulness and meditation for us all.
Maybe by adding this type of training to the driving and gun licensing we will see a reduction to drunk
driving, road and gun rage.