Friday, February 14, 2014


Experiences create our life and legacy. We classify our experiences as good/bad, happy/sad, exciting/boring.

We speak mostly about the good, happy, exciting experiences while the bad, sad and boring experiences remain unspoken.

The unspoken experience lay within us, piling up and compressing upon one another.  We run the risk of becoming angry and bitter when we don't tend to this compression. Or we can accomplish real growth when we do tend to the compression.

Choice! What will you choose each day?

Choosing to use the experiences for growth is my choice. I turn these gems into growth by taking online courses, working with a coach, talking with my husband or a close friend. And I use writing, speaking and singing as a way to work through them. Practicing my faith by praying for guidance is another way to understand the message within the experience.

There will always be both sides of the coin, the yin and yang, good and bad.

How will our life be different if we choose to fully experience and learn from both sides?

I encourage you to explore this for yourself.

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