Tuesday, November 26, 2013

In Their Eyes

My dog Dash and I recently visited a nursing home near us. The director said that the seniors come to life the most when a dog visits them. She said dogs are like babies.

Babies have a newness and purity about them. I believe they are most connected to our creator. And as they grow and become more exposed to this world that connection gets clouded.

Dogs have a purity about them. Their love and joy are unconditional and always available. Maybe they are fully connected to our creator.

Maybe the seniors whose minds are not as sharp as we think they should be are reconnected to our source. And the dog excites them because they feel externally from the dog what they feel internally. They resonate with the dog.

My job in the visits is to hold Dash and bring him in close so the seniors can touch, pet and speak with him. I look into their eyes and they into mine. I see a purity and excitement that I have never seen before. It touches my heart and makes me smile bigger than I have ever smiled. And I say to them without the expression of words from my heart though my eyes and into theirs, I Love You.