Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I did the best I can do

I recently developed a system at work that provides me with feedback on how my day went.

The system is to write down all the tasks that need to be completed. I then prioritize and schedule these tasks over the week. New tasks are incorporated and there may be the need for some rescheduling. I leave work each day feeling good because I know what I accomplished in the day.

I have expanded on this system with the question did I do the best I can?
Asking this question moves me from a place of getting the tasks done to getting the tasks done to the best of my ability.

It feels great when the answer is yes. A no answer leaves me wondering why. What happened that my best wasn’t given? Was it due to procrastination, laziness or boredom? This self examination helps to improve for the next time this task comes around.

I also use this question to reflect on my day. Did I do the best I can? I scan through the day to look at the yes and no answers to this question.

Life is short and precious. Make it the best you can by developing systems to support you.