Sunday, July 23, 2017


The scientists in their quest to find the start of life have concluded that it started as a big bang or explosion. This explosion sent an unquantifiable number of sparks into nothing which turned into something, the reality in which we live and breathe.

Each of us is one of those sparks.

Take a moment and if possible look at your hand.
Use your hand to touch your ear.
Imagine your feet and legs.
If you are able, walk one step.

Take a moment to imagine and if possible look at a tree.
Think about how it lives.
Roots for water.
Leaves for nourishment.
An eco system all within itself.

All this and more from a spark.

The Hindu tradition uses the greeting, Namaste as a way to recognize that spark in themselves and in others. The greeting in essence is saying, 'the spark in me recognizes the spark in you'.

Our life purpose is to cultivate this spark into its original form and essence.
Some may say that because the start of life occured in a violent way that our essence is violence and this is what we cultivate.
The evening news tells me that we are doing a very good job with this cultivation.

Violence leaves us feeling fearful, frustrated, lost and abandoned.

We have had many people who cultivated peace, love, joy, gratitude and a concern for the common good of all.

Some of these people can be found in this book called Holy Women Holy Men.

I find it to be a source of inspiration and guidance in working to cultivate the same within me.

It takes work to cultivate anything worthwhile. Our life is filled with opportunities to learn, explore and shift our way of being.

In order to 'be the change we want to see in the world' as Gandhi encourages us to be, we start with our spark. Get to know it. Ask it how to help it grow its light and splendor so that those we interact with recognize it, they can feel our spark connecting with something within themselves. They begin to question and seek to find and cultivate their spark.

And together we will work for unity and peace.
How are you cultivating your spark?