Sunday, October 19, 2014

Principle of Accomodation

This principle has nothing to do with the quality of my hotel room when I am traveling! As in, I travel therefore I want the best accommodation.

This principle is what God does when interacting with us. Our faith teaches us that the bible was created through divine inspiration. The inspiration flowed through the authors of the bible. The authors of the bible translated the inspiration through the language and writing style of their time.

Through this principle God gave us all that we need to know about how we return home after our time on earth has expired. My husband and I refer to this as "taking the trip."

As with any trip the use of directions enables us to get where we want to go.

The bible is our book of directions. Our life is the journey.

Connect the two and I am homeward bound.

A few tips for reading the bible;
Start with prayer. Ask for understanding and application the the situation.

Remember the scripture being read was written thousands of years ago for the people of that time to relate to the situation of that time.

This is why starting with prayer activates the principle of accommodation where God inspires us right were we are, in our time, place and situation.

Journal the experience and learn from it.

Adjust where needed.

Repeat often.