Thursday, October 23, 2014


I became a Eucharistic minister and I feel blessed.

My day started rather strangely. I was putting a sock on my foot and my foot looked like my mother’s foot, not mine. My mom died three years ago. There was a point before she died that she could not take care of her feet. When I visited her, I soaked her feet in warm water, dried them, clipped her nails and then massaged her feet and calves with lotion. I enjoyed this intimate time with her. Seeing her foot reminded me of this time and gave me a sense of her presence.

I thought of Jesus and how he washed the disciple’s feet. Those were some dirty feet! Back then people wore sandals and walked dusty roads. I realized, through the experience I had with my mother, that his act of love may have stayed with the disciples after his death and they may have felt his presence when they remembered this intimate time with him.

My day continued as any other day. I got to work and handled a multiple of topics at a pace that is at times inhumane. And then I stopped to get some lunch. As I waited at the salad station (the chef was making berry salad with goat cheese, YUM!) I saw a rose and the word victory on the refrigerator against the back wall.

One day as I cared for my mom I asked her if a rose could be our symbol. She touched my cheek and said, "everything will be alright." The word victory is what Jesus accomplished through his sacrifice on the cross, victory over death. He told his disciples that he would send his spirit as his symbol and guidance.

I thought of both my mom and Jesus as I waited for my turn to order a delicious salad and the words of a song, “the words I would say” by Sidewalk Prophets, a friend introduced me to came to mind,
“Be strong in the Lord and
never give up hope.
You're gonna do great things
I already know
God's got his hand on you."

Tears were welled in my eyes as the chef asked, “how would you like your salad?”

I took my salad to a conference room where I ate it and studied for a test on the Synoptic Gospels.
I am nervous about taking this test because it has been over ten years since I was in school. I hope my brain provides the answers when I need them! By the way, the salad was absolutely delicious!

I completed my day and then drove to the church for the Eucharistic minister training. I knew a few people and we chatted as we waited for the training to begin. Fr. Bob welcomed us and Fr. Benny trained us. The Catholic Tradition is so fascinating, rich and deep. We practiced what we learned and went home!

Reflection on the day’s experiences left me feeling blessed, like I crossed a divine threshold.

It is a feeling I hope to project each time I say “the body of Christ or the blood of Christ.” Amen.