Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tailored life

The fear has subsided as the disease has been cured.

The change in her life view remains and she likes it.
Someone new has emerged from the experience.
Who she is she doesn’t quite know yet. She likes her though.
She enjoys getting to know her. It is interesting to see how she handles situations differently. There is a light heartedness and confidence.

One thing she notices that is remarkable is her ability to continue to plan for that 111 mark. Her experience was a blip on the screen, something that prepares her for the next blip and the next, she guesses.

She seems calmer, more open and awake or aware of her surroundings. She cares nothing of what others think and wonders why they aren’t joining her. Maybe they will some day.

She is determined to master her body. Learning how it works and how it reacts to all she puts it through. She is no longer just a passenger a long for the ride. She is active and engaged.

One thing she knows for sure. Every experience is wonderful. Experience is life tailored to the individual. How spectacular and extraordinary it is to have a tailored experience that she gets to interact with!

What is being created for you to interact with?