Sunday, May 19, 2013


Life is experience.
Experience is the opportunity to interact with life.
We choose how we interact with the experience.

[  Waking up each day
[  Being hungry
[  Hearing
[  Seeing
[  Tasting
[  Touching
[  Smelling

There are many ways to interact with opportunity. Our history, how we were raised and how we interacted with past opportunities will impact how we interact in the present.

Dash taught me this simple truth.
Dash came into our lives on December 21st, 2012. I asked for him to come, I needed him. Who he would be, what he would look like or how he would get to me, I left this for opportunity to figure out.

And it happened in perfect timing. Everything lined up to come to a result that was satisfactory to all involved. There was no money, bargaining or negotiating involved. It came about through the choices made with the opportunities that arose.

Dash is perfect for me. He is just what I wanted and exactly what I need.
This is what I have learned in the short time I've interacted with him.
[  Love, period.
[  Stretch upon waking. Move out of bed and stretch some more.
[  Walk.
[  Walk more.
[  Walk as much as you can.
 v  Interact with everything along the way.
 v  Enjoy it.
 v  Be excited by it.
 v  View it as new each time.
[  Drink and eat when needed.
[  Rest and sleep when needed.
[  There really is nothing to do. Remember, we create the “to do” list.
[  Interact with opportunity as soon as it arrives.
[  Rest and sleep in between the opportunities.
[  Show excitement towards what we love.
[  Be consistent with love.
[  The most important opportunity is companionship.
[  All opportunity in its time and quantity.
[  Be patient and trust.
[  Hold no attachment.
[  Be unconditional.
[  Hold no expectations.
[  Love on instinct, trust it.
[  Fully use senses; sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste.
[  Be aware of surroundings.
 v  There may be an opportunity waiting for attention.