Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I realized yesterday that each of us has the chance/opportunity to be a droplet in life. A droplet is the beginning of the ripple effect.

What if we used this as our view in each moment of our day. What changes?

My examples:
Interviewing / hiring college students for an accounting internships in my department.
Coaching people in transition. Helping them find their way.
Being present for someone I love during a difficult time.

All of these experiences came about through a choice to say yes to each of them.

We get bombarded by voice mail, email, text, im, fb, linkedin,......... At the office I call colleagues dropping by pop ins. Or someone stopping by to visit at home. A snail mail letter or card. Each a chance at being a droplet.

I reconnected with a Controller I worked with in my first job out of college. She was a droplet for me through her encouragement, advice and living example of a successful professional, mother, wife. This was over 20 years ago and I will remember our time together forever.

Being a droplet is meaningful and inspiring.

What are your droplet experiences?
Who has been a droplet for you?