Saturday, February 25, 2012

Drive the speed limit

This post is interactive because it requires you to to drive the speed limit to understand what is being taught.

Drive the speed limit the next time you are in your car and then come back to read the rest of this post.

Driving the speed limit can be a challenge and uncomfortable. At the least it feels different.

Let's apply this concept to how we move through life. At what speed do you go through your day? What is your speed limit?

I am definitely a 60 mph girl. I hit the ground running. My brain wakes up in seconds (similar to the BMW 0 to 60 time

Doing the "drive the speed limit" excercise every time I am in my car is enabling me to transfer the slower pace feeling into my day by giving me a sense of what it feels like to move slower.
And just as I check if I am doing the speed limit while driving, I am checking in on how fast I am moving through my day.

I put a 1,000 piece puzzle outside our pod (office shared by many) at work with a sign " it is important to take breaks throughout the day". This helps me remember to slow down just as speed limit signs guide us with safe driving speeds.

Give this a try. What signs can you use to help keep you moving at a slower pace in your day?