Monday, August 18, 2008

Olympiac -2

How much is enough? Michael Phelps- Most people are satisfied with one medal. How about giving someone else the chance to win something? Greed and ego feed is not healthy. I hope the media continues to watch this young man to see what he does with his life. Will he share his passion with others and teach them how to be the best person they can be? We need more of that in the world. And please don't compare Phelps accomplishments with Mark Spitz. The technology and knowledge of 1972 was very different from today. Could Phelps accomplish his gold winnings if he had the environment that Spitz had? Tiger Woods- Another example of greed and ego feed. How many tournaments is enough? How do the other golfers really feel about Tiger? Farve fever- This is the most ridiculous thing ever. The guy retires and then wants to play. Media attention must have been lack luster in retirement. Well now he is the center of every one's attention. How much is enough?