Wednesday, August 20, 2008

DMV - moving bodies through the system

I was one of those bodies moved through the DMV system. We have a 16 year old who is eligible for a driving permit. He failed the drivers test he took in his divers ed class. I researched what to do at the DMV website so we would be fully prepared. We get to the DMV at 8 AM and wait on line until we get to the entrance. Then we are directed to the drivers test room. We wait on line to be told we have to purchase a permit at the front desk. At the front desk, we are handed a form to fill out and told to follow the green line. We wait on line again to be told that he has to go through a driver program with a certified driving school. How come we were not told at step one? I told the same story to each of the DMV employees: My son took the drivers test in school and failed. He is here to take the test again. The DMV employees were successful at getting our bodies through the system. And they failed to create a satisfied customer. An hour later I read an article in the local newspaper about a woman whose car failed at the inspection station and she had a hard time getting the DMV employee to tell her what the problem is with her car so she can get it fixed! She resorted to asking how she could explain the failure to her husband. He gave her all the information she needed AND where to get the parts!!! To all the DMV employees out there: You know your job very well. The rest of the population is clueless and we need your expertise to get through the system. Please help us become satisfied customers.