Sunday, February 28, 2016

Perceived differences

We are human beings.
We come into the world through birth.
We leave the world through death.
Our body or what I like to call our packaging is the same, fingers, toes, eyes, ears…...
We come in two flavors, female and  male. And our gay community enlightens us to the fact our flavor can be different despite how it presents.

We feel joy, sadness, excitement, pain, frustration, peace and more.
Our emotions are shared as we find in the field of emotional intelligence.
Even our experiences are similar.

So what is different between one human and another?

Fingerprints are unique like snowflakes.

Look at what snowflakes accomplish together!
They make it possible to ski, snowboard, create sculptors, or a cool sled ramp my siblings and I made when we were kids. They give us our drinking water after they melt.

And snowflakes can be dangerous when they come together to create slippery conditions on sidewalks and road ways. Or if there are too many of them gathering in one place all at the same time they can cause roofs to collapse.

Human beings do the same thing when we come together.

We have the ability to create positive helpful and fun things or dangerous destructive things.

I think it is our perception of our differences that get in the way of staying on the positive side of the equation.

Our unique fingerprint is our chance to leave a positive loving helpful mark on our world.
It gives us the unique opportunity to join with our human tribe in collaboration for the common good.

What is the common good?
I think it starts with everyone having food, safe and warm/cool shelter, clothing, education, health care, infant and elderly care, support for those who need it.

We have not accomplished this for too many of our human tribe.
Oh, how I want to change this fact. I just haven't figured out a way yet.
I have some ideas rattling in my head and I use this blog as a way to work through the rattling.

I know 'we the people' can create the common good for our human tribe by creating a grassroots movement. Just like the snowflakes, we can ignore our uniqueness to gather for the common good.