Sunday, February 15, 2015

Souls aboard

I was watching a movie where an airplane pilot told the air traffic control tower, "there are 100 souls aboard.”

Recently a US Airways plane landed without its nose gear down. The pilot flew by the air tower asking if the nose gear was down and informed them about the 56 souls aboard.

Our planet earth has 7 billion souls aboard!

 What does the word soul bring to mind?

I think about the divine. I do not think about gender, marital status, age, race or religion.

The word soul has a neutralizing effect.

What if we used the word soul to describe everything involving humans and animals?
How could that change the way we live and interact?

I think it would;
+ Eliminate all judgment.
+ Increase compassion.
+ Reduce violence.
+ Increase justice.

Soul is our spiritual state. It is who we were before entering this earthly boundary and who we will return to being when we leave this earthly boundary.

Soul is freedom and inspiration (in spirit).

What if our corporations thought of their employees as souls instead of assets?
How would policies and the way we conduct business change?

What if our religious organizations saw souls instead of gender?
I could be ordained a priest and serve as I am called to serve while remaining in the faith I was born into.

What if we taught our children that they are souls having a human experience instead of humans with souls? We would see less bullying and more loving.

Soul becomes primary instead of secondary.
Soul shows us we are all the same. Our human experiences are what is different.

What if while driving in my car I think of the others in their cars as souls?
I reduce my road rage if I think of the person who is flipping their middle finger at me as a soul who has forgotten that they are a soul because they are so caught up in the boundaries of being human, the boundaries of time and space.

What if I think of the person serving me in the supermarket or a restaurant as a soul?
How would that change the impatient feeling that stirs within me when I don’t get what I want as fast as I want it? Or have to wait on line longer than I have time for?

Would operating as a soul who interacts with other souls change my stress to peace? Would I smile more and grimace less? 

The soul application and its ripple effect for change is endless!

Give it a try!