Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I attended centering prayer on Saturday. The leader mentioned that the Holy Spirit breathes us.
That was my focus for the exercise of centering to silence.
Allowing, like I have a choice, the Holy Spirit to breathe me.

After centering I thought, I can only hold my breath for so long. Then I breathe. It is not my choice to do so because I am trying to hold my breathe. It is the choice of the Holy Spirit to breathe me, to keep me alive for awhile longer, and that length of time is not mine to choose or decide either.

Think about this, the Holy Spirit breathes us. We are not the breathers. Breathing is not of my own doing or my choice. Breathing is holy, it is sustaining life with the Holy Spirit. It is life.

How will I go through the day with this concept of the Holy Spirit breathing me?
Will I think about it or be unconscious of it just like I am unaware of my breathing?

Our God, in this Holy Spirit is alive with us, within us and around us in others, in all things.