Sunday, April 27, 2014


A fool gives full vent to his anger. Proverbs 29:11

A recent news cast showed people who are very angry over parking spots.

The rage of the people in the report was real and embarrassing.

I wondered what was happening in their life that a parking spot could invoke such a response.

And then I remembered the anger I felt at work on Friday when I couldn't figure out a process and felt that I had lost several weeks of time in getting the process completed. I was blaming a department because they failed to inform me of what was needed. Really, I was disappointed that I did not do enough due diligence to cover all aspects of the process.
What is it about me that this process issue would bring up anger?

Desire for perfection or control?

Scripture is calling me a fool for venting my anger. And I agree with this! Venting my anger did nothing to improve the situation. It made it worse for everyone around me because they had to hear my angry words and feel my angry energy.

Emotional Intelligence in an awareness of our emotions. This awareness will help us keep them in check and not improperly vent them.

This is a lot easier to say then to do. It takes work and is achievable.

There are many Emotional Intelligence training courses and books available to help.
Daniel Goleman is a pioneer on this subject with his book Emotional Intelligence.

There is also guidance available from the Holy Spirit.
I ask for support when I recognize that I fail to keep my emotions in check.
God is with us 24/7, ready, willing and able to provide exactly what we need when we need it!
Simply bringing God into the situation will help us change our perspective and our emotions.

Sometimes, as we see in Tina's post below, our anger can become the normal way of interacting with others. Rosemarie learned anger from her parents and used it in her interactions with others.
We impact more than we think with our actions. Our actions really do speak louder than our words.

Working on our self awareness, seeking support from God and other resources is a start in bringing peace to ourselves and our circle of influence.