Sunday, March 2, 2014


Dysfunction is a part of life. All of us have experienced it in one form or another and in different degrees. I don’t think anyone intentionally decides to be dysfunctional. It is learned through our interactions in life. And it is the fuel to motivate us to change.

Raising my sons so they would not have dysfunction or “baggage” when they reached adulthood was the basis of my parenting. Despite my efforts, our family is far from the Cleavers in the T.V show Leave it to Beaver. I heard dysfunction enables us to live with humility. We may not value others if everyone in our family is perfect.

Coming to terms with our dysfunction and understanding that is more normal than abnormal may help in the healing process and lead us to feel comfortable with who we are.

My dysfunctional experiences have been fuel for change in my life. I took what I liked and changed what I did not like in what I learned as I grew to maturity.

God uses everything for our benefit. The Apostle Paul was originally named Saul. As Saul, he murdered Christians. One day, he was walking to Damascus and was struck blind. He “saw” his dysfunction and became a Christian named Paul who proclaimed the Good News of Jesus Christ!

The bible is full of dysfunction and how God uses it for our benefit.

When we give our struggles with dysfunction over to God we are blessed with his healing love.