Sunday, February 23, 2014

Living Inside Out

The Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) tell us about Jesus and his mission.
I think of the Gospels as a highway, the ones most quoted and read.
The other books of the bible, the side streets, are just as powerful as you can read below in James 2:14-24,26.
James 2:14-24
My friends, what good is it for one of you to say that you have faith if your actions do not prove it? Can that faith save you? Suppose there are brothers or sisters who need clothes and don't have enough to eat. What good is there in your saying to them "God bless you! Keep warm and eat well!" If you don't give them the necessities of life? So it is with faith: if it is alone and includes no actions, then it is dead.

But someone will say " one person has faith, another has actions." My answer is, "Show me how anyone can faith without actions. I will show you my faith by my actions." Do you believe that there is only one God? Good! The demons also believe and tremble with fear. You fool! Do you want to be shown that faith without actions is useless? How was our ancestor Abraham put right with God? It was through his actions, when he offered his son Isaac on the altar. Can't you see? His faith and his actions worked together; his faith was made perfect through his actions. And the scripture came true that said, "Abraham believed God, and because of his faith God accepted him as righteous." And Abraham was called God's friend. You see, then, that it is by our actions that we are put right with God, and not by our faith alone. So, then, as the body without the spirit is dead, also faith without actions is dead.

This Scripture supports Tina's experiences in the Answered Prayer and Transference posts below.
She acted in concern for her friend and love for our Aunt. She could have easily chose differently. Her faith lead her to her actions and prayers.

This is James' message to us; .listen, pray and act.

Love is the highest power we have and is the most under utilized. ~Barbara Monahan
Let's work on our capacity to love to over utilize our highest power!
When we do this, we are living from the inside out.