Saturday, August 31, 2013

What song is it you want to hear?

Free Bird

I was driving with colleagues to visit our vehicle distribution center (vdc) in Jersey City. Our women's network organized a raffle for 20 colleagues to visit the vdc and have lunch. Lynyrd Skynyrd was playing Tuesday's Gone and I asked if anyone knew the song Free Bird. "Crickets".
Once upon a time, yelling 'what song is it you want to hear' would generate a resounding response of 'Free Bird'. And all is right in the world.

Free Bird captures the fluidity of life and the rigidity of the human mind.
Life changes. Our mind may not. This is the the fork in the road.

Life is made up of many experiences. Each one is an opportunity for change.
Our mind is our home for views, opinions and perspectives about these experiences.

We hold the ability to choose to change our mind or not.

Choosing to change will enable us to move with the fluidity of life.

What song is it you want to hear?