Friday, October 1, 2010


What have you wanted to do and never did?  Look back into your childhood and teenage years to see what you wanted to do back then and never got around to doing it. Maybe it is something that had to be put on hold while raising a family? Write these undone things down on paper so that you can’t change your mind about them later. Any attempts or thoughts to change your list should be looked at for reasons why. Write these reasons down too.

The state of undone leaves a void in our lives.  We feel unfulfilled because we have not accomplished the thing that is undone. Most of the time this is happening on an unconscious level and unconsciously we try to become fulfilled by eating food in a way that is unhealthy for our bodies. Food is an easy choice for us because it is readily accessible and acceptable. Hey mangiare!

Here are some of the things on my undone list:
1.       Weed the flower beds
2.       Create new shelves for basement storage
3.       Clean out basement and garage
4.       Create workout space
5.       Write a book
6.       Rock and Roll band
7.       Athlete
8.       Professional speaker

I discovered that my undone things are behind my unhealthy eating by asking myself:
·         Why do I reach for unhealthy food?
·         What is going on within me that I want food to satisfy me?

I noticed that I do not reach for unhealthy food when I am working on an undone.
Here are some examples of how I work on the undone:

·         I took guitar and singing lessons as a way of fulfilling my desire to be in a Rock and Roll band. I have performed for my Toastmasters group and at holiday parties. I created a CD and shared it with friends and family. I plan to perform for my Aunt and her friends at her nursing home. Am I in a Rock and Roll band? Am I anything like my favorite female singers (Pat Benatar, Stevie Nicks, Cheryl Crow and Barbra Streisand?) No. The moving toward it is all I need to feel fulfilled. And it feels great!
·         I am moving toward the undone of writing a book through this blog People Helping People. I write about various topics and share some of my poetry and lyrics. Will I ever write a book? I don’t know. I do know that being able to write is fulfilling right now.
·    The undone of athlete is also in the works. Many times I have wondered how athletes accomplish their wins. How do they get to the top of their sport? What does it take? Do I have what it takes? I work with my Crossfit Rising coaches to find out. This is the one workout program that I have experienced where I can find out what I am made of and develop myself from there. I am excited to see where this leads. And I am learning how to use food to increase performance. All this learning is splashing over to other areas in my life.
Sometimes moving toward an undone is done by thinking about it and planning it out.
·    The clean the garage and create storage shelves undone is an example of this. I am thinking about the logistics and time when I can get is done. The garage needs to be cleaned out first so I can have space to cut wood into shelves and have workout space. Just thinking about it is fulfilling right now. I know it will get done in time. J
I have no attachment to the outcome of these undone things. The secret to fulfillment is to become aware of the undone and then work toward it. Enjoy the process of the journey. This is a continual journey because as we move toward our undone, we learn more about ourselves. And the undone changes and expands or morphs into something else. Leaving us to reevaluate and adjust along the way. If we are too attached to one exact outcome, we lose the wonderful surprises along the way. Our undone may not turn out exactly as we want it to because it always turns out so much better!

“When we move toward that which is most fulfilling and life-enhancing with joy and pleasure healing follows.” Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Take a step forward and see what unfolds for you!

What is undone in your life?