Sunday, May 24, 2009

Making a Difference

Making a difference is our bottom line innate nature – it is basic. Each of us chooses to manifest this innate desire in different ways. Some make a difference through Jihad, aborting babies, not aborting babies, adopting babies, war, general acts of causing harm to others, or not causing harm to others, supporting family, saying hello, writing a note, donating money, not donating money, keeping one’s home/environment clean, recycling, not recycling, feeding animals, caring for the elderly…… And because making a difference is our basic nature, it is given freely or with low cost. Making a difference can be achieved wherever we find ourselves in life. Making a difference can be found by slowing down to really listen to someone. Supporting someone who is going through a rough time through prayer, sharing our abundance, sending a note of encouragement, being generous with our time. Making a difference happens in the moment. Our awareness of this will help be our confirmation and reward for it will provide peace in knowing that we are living out our basic nature. And there is no greater reward than living a life that is true to our basic nature.