Sunday, December 21, 2008

Menstrual cycle and nutrition

Menstrual cycle may be the cause of poor nutrition and weight gain. The change in hormone levels may cause us to have a change in attitude towards how well we take care of our bodies. This may lead us to eat food with low to no nutritional value, thereby causing weight gain. Start a journal to monitor your cycle, weight, personality changes, feelings and food/drink intake: Monitor your menstrual cycle and look for changes in your personality as a sign that your hormones are changing. Once you see this change happening, check what your weight is at this time and monitor the food and drink you intake. After you have past your cycle, take a look at what you wrote in your journal. What have you learned? What pattern do you see? Use this information for the next month. Make the changes needed to eat and act healthy. What I have learned is that the cravings I experience are not for ice cream, cookies and candy but for slowing down, resting and making time for me and my interests. Hunger is not always hunger for food but for silence and reflection. I found support for these findings in an Eckhart Tolle’s book A New Earth. Within this book he speaks of the power of woman because of their ability to give life which is the function of the menstruation. And this ability to give life comes from “being energy: Excerpts from A New Earth Being energy comprises of “surrender, nonjudgement, an openness that allows life to be instead of resisting it, the capacity to hold all things in the loving embrace of your knowing. Being energy is soft and yielding and yes infinitely more powerful than mind. Being is in charge of all life on our planet and beyond. Being is the very intelligence whose visible manifestation is the physical universe.” Eckhart advises: “when you know that the menstrual flow is approaching, before you feel the first signs of what is commonly called premenstrual tension, the awakening of collective female pain body, become very alert and inhabit your body as fully as possible. When the first sign appears, you need to be alert enough to “catch” it before it takes you over. For example, the first sign may be a sudden strong irritation or flash of anger, or it may be purely a physical symptom. Whatever it is, catch it before is can take over your thinking or behavior. This simply means puting the spotlight of your attention on it. If it is an emotion, feel the strong energy charge behind it. At the same time, be aware of your conscious presence and feel its power. Any emotion that you take your presence into will quickly subside and become transmuted." Work in this way until you have mastered PMS. It will take awhile. Keep perspective and humor, ‘cause once we master this we will have menopause and other aging changes to work with! A thought to share: This current situation is temporary Be awake in it Learn from it For it is preparing you For the next situation